I didnt get the prep cooking done that I had hoped to.  

I am not sure what I came down with, but its bad.  No fever, but the chills, body aches, a cough, and a migraine.  We got over the flu about 2 weeks ago, this doesnt feel the same, well it does except not quite as violent.

We did have to go to the grocery store, so mask in hand I went.

They were doing a demo on this:




We bought one, they were not as much as they are on TV and we were having Tacos tonight.  Chopping, and Dicing are my two least favorite “chores” and I am dangerous with a knife haha.

We used this to shred my lettuce, dice tomatoes, slice the avacados, AND dice the onions.  It made the process painless, and it can be used for cooked meats, cheeses and potatoes as well.  I am really in love with it.

I have also never owned a tool even similar to this, so for me, its like the best thing ever (except my kitchenaid mixer of course).  

So while I didnt do the convience foods I was supposed to, I did discover something to help me do my job tomorrow!


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