The curse known as Laundry

I DESPISE laundry.  I would rather wash 10 meals worth of dishes then wash, dry, and fold one load of laundry.  I hate it.  My problem is, because I hate it, I have to do MORE of it.  I have a huge pile of laundry on the top of my washer and dryer.  I have laundry land minds through out my house, begging to be washed.  

The girls go back to school monday, and I would like for us to have the laundry on top of the machines at least put away, that way the girls can find their own clothes.  I would like to also finish up my goal number of loads for the week today.

On top of that I need to make a menu for the week.  We have a freezer full of pork loins, I would like other options and not just pulled pork.  Any ideas?



I have made some progress on the routines.  My 10 day break from work is over and I go back tomorrow evening.  I have a list of things “to do” before I head back to work, but really I am pleased with what I accomplished today…

I loaded my dishwasher, and a load of towels in my clothes washer.  I have a few dishes left, mostly pots and pans that I will try get a good portion done tonight.  I also want to make sure my table is uncluttered for the morning.

We had turkey for dinner tonight since we didnt last night.  I need to debone the turkey and I would like to food saver and freeze some of it, and then the rest is for turkey sandwiches!  Yum!

My to do list for tomorrow, is as follows…

Counter Tops
Take Down Christmas Tree [put up in attic]
Give Mitzi [dog] a bath
Make a summer project list

I dont want to do too much tomorrow since I have a late shift and I will need my energy.  I work tomorrow through Sunday and then I have some more time off.  I think if I get everything done in the morning, I will have enough time to sit and relax before I leave for work at 2.

Thats all for now, I am off to relax and meditate in a bath while thinking on my Spring Project List

Climbing back on…

I have decided to work with the flylady routine again.

At one time I did it, it worked so well, I loved it.

I have set up a morning routine for myself, also a bedtime routine.  I will be starting my routines tonight.

I also made routines for things like dinner, kitchen cleaning, hot spot, and zones.

I have not worked on any more organizing because life got crazy, but I am hoping that now that the holidays are over, and me doing flylady and getting routines down, it will be positive.


No Spend Month

My family and I will be doing a no spend month on a small scale.

I have a ton of food in my freezers and in my cupboards that I keep looking past and not using.  I buy groceries based on what we are craving as a family and not based on what we have in our possession already.

I have a budget of 200 dollars in food money for things like bread, eggs, and milk for now through January 21st.  That breaks down to 50 dollars a week, which should be more then enough.  

Anyone want to join with me in this challenge?

I hope it not only gets my food budget on track, but I hope it helps me reevaluate my menu planning and grocery shopping!

I work tonight, and then I have 10 days off.  I will be using those days to work on my organization challenge, and I will also be working on making my menu tomorrow.  I have to finish my Christmas cards as well.  A lot to do, no time to waste!

Work In Progress.

I have not completed everything that needed to be done in this living room yet.  I also feel like I get one step forward and take 4 steps back.  So why dont we start with some pictures.  I told you all I was going to be completely honest about my house.  These pictures will seriously scar you for life.  

The first section I worked on was in my living room.  We had this huge stack of boxes and crap against a wall and it was seriously taking over my living room.  So here are some before and after pictures.



As you can see its just a pile of crap!  I had been putting it off forever, because look at it, of course it looks overwhelming.  Not as bad as I thought.  Here was how it is after I got done cleaning.


HUGE DIFFERENCE RIGHT!?!  How awesome!  I love it.  So that kind of helped me get some motivation to keep working.  I have two more sets of before and after pictures.  I am hoping to have more progress done tonight, or tomorrow, but I also have sick children and a sick husband 😦 







That is a huge difference too.  I feel like I could still downsize, but I dont know, most of that stuff is things I want to keep still, so we will see as I continue cleaning and organizing if that is something I still agree with…




Sorry its so blurry, but you can still see the clutter and mess!

And after…



So that is also a huge, huge, success.

I have a couple things that I know I need for this room.  I need a better solution for DVD and Game storage.  I need a better solution for cord storage.  I also need to a storage solution for crafts.

That is my goal for this room, and I will be continuing to work towards organization…


I am a firm believer that routines would solve all my problems.  I just never come up with a routine and stick to it.

My daughters are 6 and 5.  They are in school, and frankly I am too helpful with them.  I literally do everything from picking out their clothes to getting their backpacks ready.  Today they are back at school after being sick for 4 days.  I took my morning to make two printable routines for them. 

I made a morning routine and a bedtime routine, and basically, they will be in charge of completing their routine before their story or before its time to leave.  I even added pictures to make it more kid friendly!

Here are my routines!





Right now, that is my focus for the girls.  I will eventually be adding an after school routine and a chore chart, but for right now, we are going to see how this goes!  I will be starting this tonight.

Do you find that routines help you?  Do you use routines for just you, or do you have ones for your children as well?

Being Honest

Let’s be honest here.

I loathe cleaning.  I loathe organizing, and I loathe spending my time doing the same thing over and over again.

But, there is a few things I loathe more than that….

Losing things…
Not being able to have people over because my house is a mess..
Being unorganized…

So I am starting a new journey.  I am working on organizing my home.  I am going to post before and after pictures of each room as I get them done.  If you have suggestions for any organization, please pass them on.  Right now I would prefer budget friendly options, but I would love all of your suggestions.

Please tell me I am not the only one in this struggle!