Dreaming, Decisions

Jeff and I made a decision, I think.

If/when I get a job with my degree we will begin saving as much money as possible.  If I make 12 an hour which is pretty standard for entry level with my degree, we can save a grand a month.  So, we will begin saving.  I am hoping by the time we file taxes we will have 8 grand.  Give or take of course because something ALWAYS COMES UP.  We will use that savings and the money from our tax return, and we will be buying a piece of property in the mountains and an RV.  We hope to have the entire house cleaned out and ready to rent out by the end of the girls’ school year, so May.  Then we will be moving into the RV.  Our house will bring in about 1000 a month, and we will have much less in terms of cost of living.  By next June I really hope to be in the RV.  We want a mountain home close enough that we can still commute to the city to work and such if we need to, and for school of course.

My next goal after we do that is to build a shed on the property.  It will be used as food storage, it will also have electricity hooked up to it for a deep freezer.   We will be building a chicken coop as well and getting some chickens.  I want probably 6 or so layers and then we will be raising chickens to kill for food.  I would like to have a freezer full of chickens at the end of summer.  We also have thought about goats/other large animals, and I don’t really think its going to happen right away.  I mean we could build a second shed and basically turn it into a goat house, but we will see what happens.  I just know I for sure want the chickens.  I want a pig for sure to raise to be slaughtered around November you know, a Christmas ham.  I would just like to raise one, but I am thinking it would be smart to do two.  We will also have our Thanksgiving turkey that we will raise. 

The first summer/season will be really different for us.  We will be having to learn and figure things out, so I don’t really want to over do it at the beginning.  We will be doing chickens, a pig or two, and a turkey.  Jeff wants to put up a greenhouse by the end of the season.  He wants it ready to go for the winter.

I really want this to happen.  I cannot wait to do it.  Life will be really good.  While we are living in the RV and working and I will be working, Jeff will be finishing school about a year after moving in.  We will then both be working our asses off to save money to build on the property. 

I love dreams.  I love planning.

This will happen.  Soon.


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